10 Scholarship Programs By the Top Universities in the UK That You Should Not Miss

Most students aspire to study abroad, and the UK is one of the most popular destinations for international students. In case, you are also somebody who wants to learn in the UK, but cannot afford the expenses and tuition fees, you need not worry because several Universities provide international students with a variety of scholarships to help them achieve their dream of studying in the UK. 


The UK universities are known to have the best education facilities in the world where you learn academic knowledge and get to know the practical and research areas of the programs. Students from all over the world can apply for scholarships provided by the top universities of the UK for both graduate and undergraduate courses. Don’t know about such scholarships? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

This article will be discussing the top 10 scholarship programs offered by the leading universities of the UK to international students. 

Top 10 Scholarship Programs by UK Universities

  • The Commonwealth Scholarships : 

The Commonwealth scholarships are one of the most popular UK scholarship programs provided to international students every year. International students can avail of this scholarship to get financial assistance for their higher education in all fields and majors. Commonwealth scholarship is a funded scholarship by the UK Department for international development. This scholarship is provided to the students who belong to lower or middle-income families from Commonwealth countries. 



  • The Chevening Scholarships

This scholarship program is one of UK universities’ most extensive scholarship programs for a master’s degree course for international students. The Chevening scholarships are fully funded scholarships offered to more than 1500 students every year to empower the diversity of the classroom and provide students with a tremendous educational opportunity. With this scholarship, students can take admission in any academic field. 

  • Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes scholarship was started in 1902, the oldest scholarship and the most prestigious scholarship program offered to international students worldwide. This scholarship program is being provided for postgraduate courses to more than a hundred international students to study at the University of Oxford. 

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Gates Cambridge Scholarship was started by the Bill gates foundation to finance the education of international students in the UK. Under the scholarship program, there are 80-90 funded courses offered to the brightest students from different countries of the world. With the help of this scholarship, international students can get an opportunity to study at the University of Cambridge. 



  • The Royal Society Grants

The Royal Society of UK offers students the financial assistance of 3000 pounds to 12000 pounds for the research work in various academic fields. To apply for this scholarship, it is necessary that you have a Ph.D. degree and who is willing to do the research work in the field of natural sciences. 

  • Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

The Bristol University of UK offers international students with significant scholarships to pursue higher education in the UK. This scholarship program is available for undergraduate and postgraduate students with total funding of 500,000 pounds. Bristol University is one of the best universities in the UK that provides a vibrant educational environment.

  • Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

Under Edinburgh global research, there are almost 30 scholarships that are available for international students. This UK scholarship covers the tuition fees for all levels of undergraduate for graduate or research programs.

  • University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships

University of Sussex chancellor’s International scholarship is available in most Sussex schools that is a merit-based program provided to the international students who want to apply for a full-time postgraduate course. In this scholarship program, students get 50% off on their tuition fee, and it is applicable for one year. 

  • University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships

The University of West England offers more than 100000 pounds worth of scholarships to international students every year. Under this chancellor scholarship program, international students would have to involve themselves in an internship under the International development office and other departments. This scholarship program waives the entire tuition fee for one whole academic session.



  • Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford

The Clarendon scholarship program is one of the most popular scholarships offered to more than 140 international students who seem to be eligible for this scholarship. It is awarded based on academic records and the potential of the students at the graduate level. The Clarendon scholarship covers the full college fees of the students, including the living expenses.

Conclusion :

To get all of these scholarships mentioned above, students have to work extremely hard as there is vast competition. The top universities’ scholarship programs provide great financial aid to the bright students of developing countries. The only motive of the scholarship is to spread diversity and help the students who can achieve greater heights. 

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