Cyberpunk 2077 reveals new details about gameplay on Play station and Xbox

Cyberpunk 2077  reveals new details about gameplay on Play station and Xbox. As 10 December approaches nearer and nearer, we get closer and closer to actually play Cyberpunk 2077. To make up for another delay, Cyberpunk is releasing new information, videos, gameplays, and playthrough on various social media sites. From a weekly series of Night City Wire to gameplays, the devs are releasing new information about the game everyday.

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The newest playthrough video released on the Cyberpunk youtube channel shows the gameplay on the PlayStation. The important thing to note is that the game is backward compatible. This means that you can play the PlayStation 5 version of the game on PlayStation 4 as well. This is also true for Xbox and it’s next-gen consoles. So fans don’t need to worry about buying the same game for different hardware.

Cyberpunk 2077 Official Gameplay Trailer

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The main event

The other thing to note here is the actual starting of the game and the character’s journey towards the night city. Players are able to choose one nomad life-path from three different life-paths. The actual gameplay starts from Badlands which are the areas outside the Night City where nomads live. The main character travels to the main Night city from outside. The gameplay looks pretty much the same on both consoles like PS4 Pro and Xbox. But ray tracing on PS5 makes the gameplay even more engaging. Keanu Reeves has been the biggest source of popularity for the game. The internet loves Keanu because of how a gentleman he is.

With all of the footage available, the excitement for the game has increased even more. All these gameplay videos create even more hype for the game. Hopefully, the game will be available on the 10th of December without any delays so that the fans can enjoy it without having to wait more days.

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