All about Car insurance

Car insurance has been made compulsory in a large number of countries all over the world. With the rise in the number of car owners globally and increased chances of accidents, having a car insurance policy is highly recommended. The highways have emerged to be accident-prone zones with a sudden leap in the cases of collision of one vehicle with another.

To shield your car from unprecedented circumstances and get financial coverage in the instances of bodily injuries and serious accidents, car or vehicle insurance is a must. After all, a car qualifies to be a part of your asset class, and an asset is meant to be protected, isn’t it?

What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance, also given the name of auto or motor insurance, is a form of insurance policy aimed at the protection of your bike, car, or vehicles by offering you the coverages to make up for the losses suffered owing to accidents, damage, natural calamity or theft. A car insurance policy also covers third-party liability. The terms and conditions of a vehicle insurance policy are variable, depending upon the rules and laws of the region of your residence and the insurance company you choose.


It is taxing to collect cash at severe accident moments. You usually stay grief-stricken and mentally traumatized due to your injuries and the damage meted out to your vehicle. At such moments, car insurance comes to your rescue. You get time to take care of yourself and keep your savings intact without making any immediate payment from your treasury. Car insurance helps you to pay for the medical expenses in case of an accident and automobile repairs.

How Does A Car Insurance Policy Work?

It is better to purchase a good car insurance policy from a reputable company whom you can trust. Just like any other insurance, you need to pay a premium of a certain amount for a fixed tenure. If any accident or mishap occurs, the insurance provider will offer you complete coverage of the car damages and medical expenses for your treatment.

While purchasing a car insurance policy, you will be asked to select the coverage limits and the deductible amount that you have to pay. Going for a higher deductible rate implies a lower premium amount, but the insurance company will provide you with a lower rate of the amount at the time of claiming. The premium will increase in case of a lower deductible amount, but it will result in the insurance provider offering you a higher claim amount.

The cost of the car insurance policy will vary depending upon certain factors such as:

  • Your record of driving
  • Whether you reside in a populated area where there is a greater chance of mishaps occurring
  • Model of your car and its year of manufacture
  • Frequency of your driving the car
  • The deductible amount you choose to pay

Benefits Of Car Insurance Policy

  • If you have got your car insurance policy done, you will get all the expenses, that is, complete coverage of all the repairs needed to be done after the car has got damaged.


  • A car insurance policy saves your time and prevents you from going into a conflict with some other people or the third party present at the accident site. You don’t have to quarrel with the other driver responsible for the damage for any compensation. The insurance provider will be offering you the expenses.
  • You feel calm from within and sense greater peace of mind with a proper car insurance plan. The next time you go out, you know that your vehicle is entirely secured by the insurance policy even if the car gets collided with some other vehicle. Thus, you get to focus more on driving and minimizing any accident’s chances on your part.
  • Car insurance policies usually offer you coverages of supplementary health care, the liability of property damage, collision, auto glass, and gap insurance which is the difference between the actual price of the car and the amount of the loan that you are yet to pay. Gap insurance, an ancillary car insurance policy, brings in a lot of mental relaxation if your car gets stolen.
  • Purchasing a car insurance policy offers coverage of the legal fees and lawsuits if a significant accident occurs. A criminal case is brought to the court against the person responsible for it.
  • The survivors are provided with support by the insurance providers if a car accident results in the death of any person present in the car.
  • You can avail of multiple discounts on the premium value on the occasion of a car theft if you have purchased some other insurance policies from the same company and same insurance provider.
  • The facility of excellent customer support by the insurance companies lets you solve your queries and problems either over a call or by a quick live chat with the trained attendants.
  • You get the chance to avail yourself of the ‘No Claim Bonus. This offer can be enjoyed in those years when insurance is not claimed. Insurance companies make this offer on your renewals, given that the terms and conditions are fulfilled.
  • Many insurance companies offer the benefits of a cashless garage network. In this facility, when the car gets damaged, the insurance provider directly makes the repairs needed to be done. The policyholder won’t have to go through any complicated procedure or formality. So, you can stay stress-free.


  • You also get the chance to avail the towing facility. By this benefit, the insurance provider will offer you pulling or hauling services to get you out of the problem when your car doesn’t get started or shows issues and it is unsafe to drive the vehicle on the road.

Final Words

Sign up for a good car insurance policy to get its wide array of benefits. Make sure that before you purchase the policy, all your doubts and queries are clarified. Always go for a reputable and trustworthy insurance company. Research a bit on your own and gather pieces of information to reach the final decision. Go through the coverage limits, the premium you have to pay, and other terms and conditions of the insurance.

Just because your car is insured, don’t make the mistake of indulging in rash driving. Always remember your life is precious, and no insurance can give back your life.

Drive Safe!

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