Recent years have witnessed drastic change in the eating habits of the kids and young people. More emphasis is given to junk food over the healthy food which has brought up a number of problems. Junk food is a kind of food filled with fat, salt and sugar and is rich in energy but has relatively lower components of important nutrients in it. The reason why junk food is popular is because of its taste, low cost and requires minimum time for preparation.

People are spending more than 40% of their income on the luxury of foods without paying heed to its consequences on their health. 50% of the health issues suffered by the human population is because of their unhealthy eating habits. Scientific research has shown that processed foods, junk food filled with sugar and fats are causing health threats like Type 2 diabetes and health related issues. Consumption of excess junk food can cause irreplaceable damage to the body.

Here are some of the health issues created by junk food :

  •  Depression: Junk food filled with sugar and fats causes certain chemical reactions in the brain which affects its functioning. This leads the body to lack some of the essential nutrients and amino acids in the body, eventually leading the brain unable to deal with stress and entering into depression. The high carb content causes an unsteady sugar level because of which one can feel fear, fatigue and an unstable mental state.


  • Risk of Obesity: One of the major and worst effects of junk food is the risk of obesity which can be seen in the childrens at large numbers. The excessive calories, sugar, fats and carbs are creating a huge risk of weight gain and health issues like joint pain, heart
    diseases and diabetes.
  • Bloating and puffiness: The packed junk foods are filled with preservatives and have high sodium content in it which can create problems in the body to retain water. Hence leading to bloating and puffiness in the body. The excess sodium content is also elevating high blood pressure and is visible among the youth also.
  • Inadequate growth and development: Absence of important nutrients and amino acids in the body acts as a hindrance in the normal growth and development of the body. Unhealthy eating habits, food with carbs, sugar and calories and excess soda intake increases the cholesterol level, weakens the bone, decaying of teeth hampering the needs of a growing body. It also creates a high risk of heart disease and stroke.

Though the junk food is great for the taste buds, they are creating a wide hollow gap in the body making it incapable of dealing with daily lifestyle activities. There is no substitute for healthy and nutrient rich food. Lack of physical activities and high consumption of oily foods are creating a high risk of health issues in more than half of the population. So it is very important to divert the attention towards healthy food.

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