Adobe Creative Cloud Plan, Pricing and Membership


Adobe creative cloud is a very cost effective set of applicatons used for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, set of mobile applications and some cloud services from adobe inc. There are also some new services available in this which can increase your skills like Spark, Premiere rush, XD, Portfolio, Fonts.

List of major softwares included are:

  • Photoshop:

Photoshop is adobe’s program used for editing images and graphics.

  • Illustrator

Illustrator, marked by adobe is generally used for creating logos, illustrations and other graphical elements.

  • InDesign:

InDesign, designed by adobe is used for creating professional looking publications like newsletters, magazines, books, etc.

  • Dreamweaver:

Dreamweaver is a web development program used for creating and editing websites.

  • After Effects:

After effects, developed by adobe is used for animation, keying and composting.

  • Premiere Pro:

Premiere Pro is a video editing software preferred by professionals.

  • Lightroom:

Adobe Lightroom is a software used to edit and manage digital photos and is also used to create photo books, slideshows, web galleries and many more.

  • Audition:

Audition is an audio editing and recording program. Adobe Audition is a powerful tool comprise with many editing and composing features.

  • Media Encoder:

Adobe Media Encoder is a powerful tool which encode audio and video files into various formats.

  • Bridge:

Adobe Bridge is a robust photo management software which helps you organize, view and edit photos easily.

Plans, Pricing and Membership

Adobe creative cloud plan is delivered on the basis of monthly or yearly subscriptions each with its amazing features. It starts from the most basic single app plan and goes upto all apps plan. You can even choose more than one app under all apps plan or select apps plan. All apps plan is the most cost effective plan as it includes all useful apps and more than 20 adobe creative cloud apps and select apps plan choose specific types of plan according to your need.

The plans are divided into four major categories:

  1. Individual

Plans Monthly

(cancel anytime, no fee)

Annual, Paid Monthly

(fee applies if you cancel after 14 days)

Annual, Prepaid

(No refund if you cancel after 14 days)

Creative Cloud All Apps US$82.49/mo US$54.99/mo US$599.88/yr
Photography (20GB) NA US$9.99/mo US$119.88/yr
Photography (1TB) NA US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
Acrobat Pro US$29.99/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
Photoshop US$31.49/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
Premiere Pro US$31.49/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
Illustrator US$31.49/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
Adobe Express US$9.99/mo NA US$99.99/yr
After Effects US$31.49/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
InDesign US$31.49/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
Lightroom (1TB) US$9.99/mo NA US$119.88/yr
Audition US$31.49/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
Animate US$31.49/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
Substance 3D collection US$49.99/mo NA US$549.88/yr
Substance 3D Texturing US$19.99/mo US$/mo US$219.88/yr
Adobe XD US$9.99/mo NA US$99.99/yr
Dreamweaver US$31.49/mo US$19.99/mo US$239.88/yr
InCopy US$7.49/mo US$4.99/mo US$59.88/yr
Adobe Stock US$49.99/mo US$29.99/mo US$359.88/yr
  1. Business

Creative cloud all apps: US$84.99/mo per license

Single app: US$35.99/mo per license

  1. Students and Teachers

Creative cloud all apps: US$19.99/mo

  1. Schools and Universities

Per named-user License:

Creative cloud all apps- US$34.99/mo per user

Single app- US$14.99/mo per user

Per Shared Device:

Creative cloud all apps- US$330.00/yr per user

Per Student Pack:

Creative cloud all apps- US$142.00/yr per user

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