Intermittent Fasting

Before understanding intermittent Fasting, we need to understand what Fasting is. In simple words, Fasting is switching off the intake of carbohydrates for the body. Intermittent Fasting is another alteration of Fasting. It is taking meals in a certain manner. There are numerous benefits of intermittent Fasting in one ‘s daily life. If you are also curious to discover what it is, you have landed on a perfect platform. Let us take a look at that.

What Is It?

Surely, you are also curious to know what intermittent Fasting is. Well, you all have heard about different diet plans which tell you what to eat and what not for good health. But intermittent Fasting is all about intervals between two meals.

There are two ways through which intermittent Fasting is done. One rule is 16.8, and the other one is 5.2. The first one goes when you want to calculate your calorie meter daily. According to the rule, there are 16 hours of Fasting and 8 hours of meal timings. The second one is for people who want to calculate their calorie meter on a weekly basis. The five days of regular three-time meals a day. The rest two days are devoid of any meals for the complete day. Intermittent Fasting is the perfect form of Fasting when you want to continue your daily lifestyle with the regular calorie check meter.

How Does It Work?

Your body meets up the demands of the body at three levels. The first one is carbohydrates. This is the ready-to-use form for the body to be functionally active. Meals that you take have an ample amount of carbohydrates that turn into glycogen. Glycogen can be easily handled by cells for their uses. The next stop is fats. Your cells can only use fat cells for energy gain when there is a lack of free glycogen in the body. Because of intermittent Fasting, your body is devoid of carbohydrates. Your cells turn up the oxidation process, popularly known as fat burn. The body will use stored fat cells to meet energy demands.

Intermittent Fasting

This fat-burning process is the main undertaking activity by intermittent Fasting to bring you back in shape as it burns lots of fat cells stored deep inside the body to gain energy for the cells. Because of the active involvement of cells, intermittent Fasting also increases the body’s overall metabolic rate. The increment in metabolic rate is directly proportional to the body’s activity. You will feel more energetic and active throughout your day. And it will be cheery on the top that you will burn fat cells without hitting the gym and cardio.

The last doorstep of your body is proteins. They are the building blocks of the body. If the body starts taking up proteins for energy gain, it is acting against itself. It would be best if you always prevented this stage by not starving yourself in the greed of attaining a perfect figure. There needs to be a definition of the ideal figure in the health dictionary. A healthy body is always perfect in all means and attributes. Try to attain that.

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