WhatsApp Communities V/S Groups

No doubt that whats app has made life easy at a very basic level. From your groceries list to international meeting updates, you have it all noted on whats app. No single entity is devoid of whats app in a whole world. Yes, you heard right, the world.

What’s app is a platform which enables you to connect with people? No matter how far you are physically from them, you can always be within their reach. From messages to calls and then video calls, you can pick anything to have a little chit-chat on the topic. Your friends and families are just a click away from you.

What’s The Difference?

What’s app understands the love between families and friends. It knows that the real joy lies in togetherness. When your loved ones surround you, there is not just an exchange of words, but your feelings lie within them. Words have coated your emotions, and gratitude comes into your laughter. Thats why what’s app has to bring this feature which enables you to connect as many friends as you want in a single chat group.

One member of your clan initiates the what’s, app group. Further, they can add on others until they reach the maximum limit of the group. In the old version of the what’s app group, the group limit is 256. But in the recent updation of the app, the maximum limit of the members has touched 512 digits. Of course, a much-needed updation!

For adding more people admin needs to hold on to the subject bar of the group. A pop-up will appear, click on the more options and lastly on add participants. The creator of the group, popularly known as the admin, is accessed with this power. However, if anyone is interested in leading the group and joining more hands, they can easily be made an admin for the particular group chat. Now enjoy your powers of being an admin. For different chat groups, you need to be made admin separately. Effects applied to separate chat groups will not affect another one.

Well, now you have connected all your friends in a single chat group and your families and office colleagues in different groups. Your society members in the single one and other community members within the same society in the different one. Your phone is now full of groups. It would help in optimizing your whats groups accordingly. Here community feature of whats app comes into role. You can add different groups under the same roof under the community feature.

Your whole society and their other groups or your families and friends groups can be separately clubbed within the whats app with the community feature. Now, if you want to pass on a message of homecoming or like to share a meeting timing with all of your friends and families, then you do not need to message them in two different groups. A single message on the community can be sent to all the groups under the district. This is an incredible feature of whats app that has sorted out people’s lives with large social networking. With the community feature, there will be no rush to reach out to every individual group separately. It not only saves your time but also brings peace of mind. You can easily relax now. None has been left behind.

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