How Entertainment Television Shapes Social Values

We cannot think of our daily routine without television. It has become a part of our day-to-day life. The last decade has been a boom for television itself. From simple to smart T.V., It has seen a lot of upgrades in the same setup. Now television is considered a new social educator for toddlers and teenage groups. Television is emerging as a potent way to design people’s values and social skills.

Television Culture

The 1800s was the inventory period of television. Starting from mechanical to electronic television was always a status symbol. Now also, the latest smart T.V. the model continues to be the status symbol of the family. Amazing, isn’t it?

Comes to the point that television shows all. From good to bad, negative to positive, it doesn’t discriminate against its viewers or hesitates. Research shows that most of the young generation is influenced by the ideas shown on television at any point. From daily episodes to talk shows or some talent shows which could be on the commercial bases for the television industry, what impact can create on the viewers is far beyond their imagination.

Socio-Cultural Values

Every single entity in the world emits its own beliefs. Irrespective of the social status and religion they are born in, they contain some ethics. Television can sometimes conflict with people’s views, leading to riots and fights within the country. Many countries have faced it and seen the impact of the wrong portrait from a compact mirror. Televisions hold on to the power to set the ethics of the growing generation apart from the community to which they belong. They become more sensitive to the topics like religion and terrorism at a very young age as television delivers the impacts of that.

That’s why it has become necessary for television to choose their words and shows in a more filtered manner. It should be the duty of the television and the viewers not to catch a single word and give more emphasis on it only. Taking a side of religion or any belief can negatively impact the viewers as they can question their ideas and faith.

Effects Of Television On Society

Every con has two faces. So does the television. If it can create a positive mindset, it can reverse the situation completely too. Generally, it depends upon the viewers how they take the things shown by the television. Still, it is also the duty of television not to portray things in s way that can impact the growing minds with a negative impression.

  • Television has been a great source for giving shapes and platforms to new ideas.
  • Television also has a great way of portraying ethical values and spreading the impact of positivity throughout the world.
  • Television is strong enough to speak about sensitive topics like dowry, murder, rap[pe and many more that are shaping the minds to raise voices against this insensitivity of the people.
  • With its commercial advertising and shows, television has created unnecessary desires and demands in the minds.
  • The Younger generation has started believing that pleasure and money are above everything. They are decolonizing from mental peace and spirituality.

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