Remember being kids and a general question that a teacher asks you when you are in your preschool, i.e. what do you want to become in future or what profession do you want to choose?

Being a kid, you give unrealistic answers such as being an astronaut or architect, but I remember several kids who choose to be a doctor, and they have a dream of “Providing Poor People With Free Treatment”. Several wanna live up to this dream, and everybody knows that choosing a college for MBBS is the step towards this dream.

Since covid, online education is one other major source of pursuing your dream career and if you wanna become a doctor choosing an online MBBS will provide a good kick start towards your medical career and pursuing on online MBBS from top colleges of USA is being out of the box.SInce it provides you with greater learning power as you can pursue one of the prestigious course form the top college of the world with flexibility along with world’s best faculty.

Following are top five best colleges which provides online MBBS-

Cornell University-

A university established in 1865 , is one of the oldest and prestigious university of UNited States providing with online MBBS course. The course ensures you to provide with enough exposure and practical knowledge to make sure that you are ready for your post graduation in the medical field.The duration of the program is 4 years with flexible studying hours.

Baylor College Of Medicine-

One of the top universities located in Texas provides you online MBBS program guided by one of the best faculty through out the world.The quality due to which it outstands other college is that it’s the least expensive private college providing best education thorough its online programs.As being of the top colleges in the USA the acceptance rate for the program is just 4 percent, so make sure you have some backup if you are not selected.

Boston University-

A university that does not require any introduction. University established in 1871 , is one of the top university for law , business and medical.The school offers various career options depending upon the subjects.It’s ranked ranked number 33 in best medical colleges.The university does not have a minimum requirement for GPA but if you have a good GPA score you are most likely to beat your competition in order to be selected.

College Of Maryland-

It’s one of the oldest university set up in eighteenth century in the maryland.The college is ranked 29 in best medical colleges.The MBBS prgram of this university requires an GPA of 4.2 percent.The duration of the program is 4 to 6 years depending upon the speciliastion of the course you choose.The school provides with an graduation to make sure that you are provided with practical knowledge and exposure in order to make you ready for the post graduation.The selection rate of the program is quite low, so make sure you are ready with an backup option if you are not selected for it.

New York University-

A university setup in 1831’s is one of the oldest and prestigious university, set up in New York providing a number of courses such as law , architecture and medical. The university provides on online MBBS program with the duration of 4 to 6 years.The selection rate for the program is quite low, thus making the program quite prestigious if you are selected and pursue the program. A number online agents provides you entry for the program.The university is ranked number 2 in the list of medical colleges in United States.

Remember, MBBS is one of the prestigious graduation course, make sure you select a prestigious program in order to kick start your career.

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