£90,000-a-year City worker and lover who caused death of baby daughter jailed

The executives expert Clare Sanders, 44, and Tomas Vaitkevicius, 45, were blamed for murdering four-week-old Eva Sanders in September 2017 by over and over shaking her.

Clare Sanders, 44, and Tomas Vaitkevicius, 45, assaulted little Eva on at any rate three separate events and shook her to death, the Old Bailey heard.

Yet, they had accused each other during the preliminary and as they were driven down to the phones upon conviction, Sanders shouted at the dad: ‘”You murdered her.”

As Vaitkevicius was an imprisoned for a very long time and Sanders for eight, the dad’s legal counselor said Sanders’ tears were all important for a concealment to shroud her obligation.

The monetary specialist realized Eva had been horrendously harmed a long time before she kicked the bucket and utilized her telephone to look for “shaken infant disorder.”

Sanders sat was stony looked in the dock as Bernie Saunders, QC, said she was “the solitary possibility for being the executioner” the dad had assumed a lesser part as “allower” of the demise.

The safeguard counselor said Sanders had organized sensational upheavals of feeling in court ‘for the advantage’ of the adjudicator and to control the story.

He told the court: “We state she was a quintessential entertainer and we rehash the point we make about her controlling the account, including we state for your advantage that she left court upon her conviction shouting at Vaitkevicius: ‘You slaughtered her.'”

Sanders portrayed Eva as her “supernatural occurrence infant” in the wake of being advised she was likely unfit to have youngsters during IVF treatment years prior.

Sanders and Vaitkevicius, both of Mitcham, south London, denied yet were indicted for causing or permitting the passing of a youngster.

Eva endured 27 rib breaks just as wounds to her head and spine from three separate attacks, members of the jury heard.

Sanders, who left her £90,000-a-year work before Eva was conceived, was portrayed as being manipulative and controlling, while Vaitkevicius, who had feelings for brutality, conceded he could be forceful.

Be that as it may, the two litigants, who were said to have a “harmful” relationship, denied causing Eva’s wounds or seeing any indications of abuse.

Clare Sanders at the Old Bailey (Image: focal news)

Following a retrial Sanders, of Mitcham, south-west London, and Vaitkevicius were freed from murder however sentenced for causing or permitting the passing of their kid.

Neighbors called crisis administrations subsequent to hearing the mother shouting: “My child, my infant” the evening of September 1, 2017.

Eva was hurried to emergency clinic where surgeons fought to save her life yet was articulated dead quickly before 7am the next day.

A posthumous gave the reason for death as “horrible mind and spinal rope injury.”

The wounds were so extreme they were compared to those supported in a fender bender or a tumble from a multi-story building.

The couple have now isolated and attempted to nail the murdering to one another in a merciless “vicious” protection.

They were both weighty consumers with Sanders bringing down in any event three jugs of wine a day, the Old Bailey heard.

The jury pondered for 26 hours and 54 minutes prior to indicting them both by lion’s share of causing or permitting the passing of a youngster.

The pair met when Sanders employed Vaitkevicius to redesign her washroom while he was still with his ex and she was separating from her ex.

They shared a toxic relationship set apart by irate columns in which Vaitkevicius would stomp out of the extravagance £500,000 condo in Renshaw Corner, Mitcham, south London.

Sanders “separated” herself from her girl and left the infant in her bed alone when she got baffled with her.

Vaitkevicius additionally denied murder (Image: Central News)


Six days before Eva kicked the bucket she looked ‘Shaken infant disorder NHS’, ‘Shaking children’s and ‘infant is shaking.’

The evening of August 31 neighbor Karen Drewell told how she ran ground floor and saw Vaitkevicius giving Eva the “kiss of life” on a bed after she was awoken by wild eyed Sanders shouting: “My infant.”

Ms Drewell left the level in Mitcham to call a rescue vehicle and afterward got back to the room to see child in her mom’s arms.

She told hearers: “The picture is in my psyche everlastingly, of that dark child in Clare’s arms.

“As I strolled once more into the room Clare was holding the infant and the endearing face’s was dim and she was shouting.

“She had her arms around Eva’s arms and round her chest. The endearing face’s was confronting outwards.

“She was stating to Tomas that he had murdered the infant by not raising her milk.”

Ms Drewell and her dad tuned in to paramedics subsequent to calling 999 and were advised to utilize two fingers to attempt to resuscitate the infant’s heart and to put her on the floor.

At the point when paramedics showed up they dominated and surged Eva to St George’s Hospital, Tooting.

While the baby was being dealt with Sanders was drawn nearer by a cop and stated: “You’re hoping to indict me, and I am losing my kid, we simply having a beverage to celebrate.”

The guardians showed up in the dock for sentence at the Old Bailey today, both cleverly wearing dark suits.

Sally O’Neill, shielding Sanders, said the mother had been edgy for a kid and “let her craving for an infant daze her.'”

She added: “What is clear is that Ms Sanders wasn’t simply under pressure, however she was quite helpless, the time in her life, that she frantically needed a child… It is possible that she let her longing for a child dazzle her to things which were turning out badly.

“She was defenseless against the men in her day to day existence.

“[Eva’s death] is something she will convey to her grave with her.”

Following a retrial at the Old Bailey, Sanders and Vaitkevicius were freed from murder however indicted for causing or permitting the demise of their youngster (Image: Getty Images)

Passing sentence, Recorder of London Judge Mark Lucraft QC stated: “On Friday 13 November you were indicted for causing or permitting the demise of your infant girl Eva.

“She was only a month old when she passed on.


“It is obvious from all the proof in her short life she had been exposed to various savage attacks which had made critical injury her.

“What was seen by you two as a touch of fun by you was to change when Clare Sanders got pregnant.

“At the point when you found the pregnancy you went on portrayed Eva as your ‘supernatural occurrence child’ having gone through IVF a few years prior and being advised you were probably not going to be a mother.

“It is sure about the proof you were both weighty consumers. While there may have been some reprieve similar to you, Sanders, were worried during the pregnancy, you Vaitkevicius kept on drinking a great deal.

“When Eva’s introduction to the world there were steady differences between you. Very what the trigger was for the treachery to Eva, just you truly know.

“You both gave records of really focusing on Eva… In any case, neither of you have confessed to effectively hurt this little child, or having any worries or doubts of what the different was doing.

“Eva was amidst your poisonous relationship. It is clear she was exposed to a few occasions of vicious injury… I have set this case in the high culpability classification.

“The qualification [in sentence] is to mirror your past great character.”

The City laborer asserted in her proof that she was “hyper-watchful” with childcare however acknowledged that the infant may have supported a head injury while she was evolving her.

“She curved back… Onto the delicate evolving mat,” Sanders said when examined concerning how Eva might have hit her head on the off chance that she had been holding her securely.

Sanders said Vaitkevicius had been taking care of Eva on the night she endured her lethal wounds.

“I think he returned into the parlor,” she told the court.

“I went to check the child and she looked dead. I scooped her up and shouted.

“She was lying on her back. She just appeared to be inert. She had milk emerging from her nose and mouth. Her head just drooped forward. I just got her and shouted.”

Sanders said she had looked “shaking child” since her girl had experienced quakes.

Vaitkevicius told members of the jury he had been enchanted at the possibility of having a child in spite of his unpleasant sentiments towards the mother.

He said the relationship started when he turned up close to home with no place else to remain in the wake of accomplishing building work for her.

“She was furious with everybody, with the entire world and I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to satisfy her,” Vaitkevicius said.

The jack of all trades guaranteed he had consistently adored his girl, saying: ‘I generally cherished her however it wasn’t generally workable for me to be with her.’

He said on the night his little girl endured her lethal wounds he had nipped out into the nursery for a cigarette.

“At that point I moved my cigarette and went to the nursery. I go in,” he said.

Vaitkevicius said it was then Sanders began shouting.

“She was standing, yelling, such as calling for help yet noisily,” he said.

Both guaranteed they had no clue about how Eva had supported her lethal wounds.

In July a year ago the monetary specialist had her bail conditions modified so she could visit companions in the city of London.

At that point in October she was allowed another variety so she could lease her home on Airbnb while she remained at an extravagance redesigned oasthouse in Wadhurst, East Sussex.


Sanders had her bail changed a third time in May, permitting her to fly abroad to Northern Ireland and stay with her stepmother during the first Covid lockdown.

The court heard today that she currently burns through 23 and a half hours daily in her cell at HMP Bronzefield disallowed from having ‘social visits’ because of the pandemic.

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Investigator Inspector Will White, of the Met’s Specialist Crime South, stated: “This is a devastatingly pitiful situation where child Eva passed on from broad wounds at only 28 days old.

“Clinical proof for the situation was earnest in discovering that the wounds supported were conscious.

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