All About Free Fire : Full Details

Who doesn’t get excited after hearing about video games? Mobile games excite us all, and creating and customizing personal avatars is a different experience altogether. Video games take you to a virtual world with different characters and a completely different environment. Free Fire is one such application that brings excitement to the player’s gaming experience. If you are excited to know more about the game, here’s a complete guide for the same.

All About Free Fire

Free Fire, Free Fire Battlegrounds, or Garena Free Fire is a popular game developed by Dots Studio. The game can be installed on both Android and iOS. It was stated as the most downloaded mobile game and Best popular vote game in 2019. The game is installed by more than 100 million players across the globe. The multiplayer game was introduced in 2017.

How does the game work?

The Free Fire game starts with 50 players falling from a parachute. The players then search for weapons and equipment to kill their enemies. They can choose their starting position, equipment, weapons, and other supplies to extend their battle energy. On joining the game, the players enter the plane and then fly over an island. They can jump at any point, and the battle begins. After that, they have to search for their equipment like grenades, guns, medium and small weapons, and other supplies that can be used on the battlefield.

The main objective of the Free Fire players is to save themselves from their enemies and kill all the opponents. The safety area decreases on the map over time. The last team or the last player that survives wins the game. Free Fire has five basic game modes.

  1. Classic mode: It is a standard experience where 50 players get into the battleground to compete against each other.


  1. Rush Hour: It is a summarised version of the regular game. Only 20 players drop down in a small area, and the game ends with a quick fight.

  • Clash Squad: It involves two teams of four players each. Both the teams compete against each other. There are seven rounds in total, and the team which loses the maximum number of rounds loses the game. Each win lets the player earn cash that can later be used for purchasing weapons.

  • Big-Head: It is a hilarious experience as all the players have enlarged heads. It is like a deathmatch that involves multiple teams.

  • Kill secured: The teams are required to get more kills than their opponent team. If any member of the opponent team collects the dog tag, he gets an extra point. Dog tags can also be picked by the team which lost its player to avoid the other team from gaining points.

Maps in Free Fire 

The game was released with one specific map for the royale mode. It was Bermuda. Two other plans were released in the recent updates of Free Fire. Though there are three maps available, each map has its specifications and properties.

  • Bermuda: It is a tropical setting with trees and greenery all over. The map has several locations like complexes, factories, shipyards, power plants, and many more. This was the first map introduced in the game, and players have direct access to the map as soon as they enter the game. 

  • Purgatory: It has a vast layout with different allocations. It is divided into three regions by a long river. The first region is the largest and features bulk locations on the map. The other two regions are comparatively smaller. The map is available at a specific time that is 6-10 pm every day.

  • Kalahari: It is the latest edition of the game. It has a vast desert area, massive weapons, exciting equipment, and weird locations. This is another exciting addition that is as popular as the Bermuda map.

Free Fire Weapons

There are more than 30 characters available in the game. Each character is unique and has its own significance. The varying features available for the character selection are the reason behind introducing 30+ characters in the game. Some of the best characters in Free Fire are listed below.

  • Alok: Strong skills that enable him to heal and undress his comrades by himself. 
  • Clu: She has the power to detect nearby enemies. She shares her findings with other team members.
  • Kapella: Can increase healing and can remain knocked down even before being dead.
  • Moco: Most preferred team character can mark enemies, shoot them, and reveal its squad’s positions.

Overall, Free Fire is the most popular mobile game used by more than 100 million people worldwide. The game has an exciting and engaging backdrop for all the players. It can be downloaded on Android through the play store and iOS through the app store. The game requires alertness, engagement, and dedication. It is an excellent alternative for all those who desire or love to play mobile games.


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