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Pennsylvania has one of the country’s most extensive higher education systems, with about 150 schools and universities, including 14 state universities, 14 public community colleges, and over 120 private universities.

Pennsylvania is home to some of the country’s best institutions, including an Ivy League institution, as well as other innovative universities.

In Pennsylvania, both in-state and out-of-state students can pursue higher education. Students may now pick from a variety of online universities in Pennsylvania, thanks to the development of one of the first distance education programs at Pennsylvania State University.

Top 10 Best Online Colleges In Pennsylvania

  1. Pennsylvania State University: World Campus

Penn State’s World Campus, which serves more than 20,000 students each year and is located in University Park, offers a range of online degree programs.

Penn State offers more than 150 online choices, ranging from undergraduate certificates to doctorate degrees, giving it a reputation as one of Pennsylvania’s finest online institutions.

A bachelor’s degree in biobehavioral health, a bachelor’s degree in recreation, park, and tourist management, a bachelor’s degree in turfgrass management, and a master’s degree in additive manufacturing and design are all available online.

  1. Temple University

PA College, which is located in Lancaster, originally only provided one nursing program but currently provides 18 distinct health science degree options.

PA College, as one of Pennsylvania’s top online universities, provides eight online programs and a range of extra online courses to supplement its in-person programs.

A bachelor of science in health sciences, a bachelor of science in healthcare management, and a master of science in nursing education are all popular online degree programs.

  1. Villanova University

Villanova University is Pennsylvania’s oldest and biggest Catholic university, having been founded in 1842.

Although the College of Professional Studies does offer a few bachelor’s degree programs for nontraditional learners or students pursuing a degree completion pathway, the majority of Villanova’s online offerings are master’s degree or graduate certificate programs.

A master’s in sustainable engineering, a doctor of nursing practice, a master’s in church administration, and a master’s in classical studies are among the notable online programs.

  1. Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Originally offering only one nursing program, PA College currently provides 18 distinct health science degree choices.

PA College, as one of Pennsylvania’s best online institutions, provides eight online programs as well as a number of other online courses to supplement its in-person programs.

A bachelor’s degree in health sciences, a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management, and a master’s degree in nursing education are some of the most popular online degree programs.

  1. Duquesne University

Duquesne University is a private university in Pittsburgh that is the sole Spiritan-based university in the United States.

The doctor of pharmacy, doctor of philosophy in nursing, and master of science in leadership are among the graduate degrees offered by Duquesne’s online campus.

A bachelor’s in computer systems technology and a bachelor’s in organizational leadership are two of Duquesne’s two online undergraduate degrees.

  1. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

SRU, a public institution in the same-named town, first opened its doors as a teaching school in 1889. SRU now offers seven online bachelor’s degree completion programs in fields such as accounting, management, and nursing.

Three graduate certificate programs, 17 online master’s degrees, and two doctorate programs are also available at SRU.

In-state undergraduate tuition is $322 per credit, while out-of-state undergraduate tuition is $328 per credit. In general, in-state graduate tuition is $516 per credit, whereas out-of-state graduate tuition costs $526.

  1. Saint Joseph’s University

SJU is a private university in Philadelphia that educates from a Jesuit viewpoint, emphasizing “whole-person care.”

SJU offers only one undergraduate degree program: a bachelor of liberal arts in general studies, which may be completed entirely online.

In addition, the institution offers eight master’s degrees online in disciplines such as health management, criminal justice, and education.

The cost of online undergraduate tuition is $584 for each credit, while the cost of online graduate tuition is $796 to $1107 per credit.

  1. Saint Francis University

Saint Francis is a private university in Loretto that dates back to 1847 when five Franciscan friars from Ireland started clearing ground for the future campus.

Students can enroll in completely online degree programs in business, education, healthcare, and human services through Francis Worldwide, the company’s online division.

Students can get an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree online, depending on their curriculum. A range of post-baccalaureate certifications is also available at the school.

The cost of online undergraduate tuition is $485 per credit, while the cost of online graduate tuition is $625-$850 per credit.

  1. Thomas Jefferson University

Jefferson is a Philadelphia-based university that was founded in 2017 after Philadelphia University and Jefferson Medical College amalgamated.

There are eight online bachelor’s programs, twelve online master’s programs, and three online doctorate programs available at Jefferson. Midwifery, sustainable design, and disaster medicine, and management are all popular topics of study.

For undergraduate programs, tuition is $605 per credit. The cost of graduate school varies greatly depending on the program. Transcripts are required for all candidates, and graduate students may also be asked to submit a CV.

Tutoring, IT assistance, library services, and career services are all available to online students.

  1. Cairn University: Langhorne

Cairn Institution, a private university in Langhorne, was founded in 1913. The professors teach from a Christian perspective.

Cairn University offers online certifications, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees in subjects such as biblical studies, business administration, and sport management to students.

Online degree completion programs and expedited bachelor’s-to-routes master’s are also available at Cairn. Graduate tuition ranges from $609 to $774 per semester, while undergraduate tuition is $425 per credit.

Transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, and an essay are required for first-year candidates. Graduate school application requirements vary, but most candidates must submit transcripts, an essay, and letters of recommendation.

Choosing The Right Online College

Undergraduate and graduate programs aligned with the state’s important sectors, such as natural gas, life sciences, and plastics, are available at the leading institutions in Pennsylvania. Above is a list of the 10 best online colleges in Pennsylvania that offer a wide range of courses for you.

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