How to draw doraemon drawing Step by Step

Step by Step Doraemon Drawing tutorials. In recent times Doraemon is one of the most liked cartoon series among kids. Doraemon is a Japanese manga and anime series, in which the character Doraemon is a fictional character, who has come from the future to help his owner’s grand grandson named cenobite.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to make Doraemon Drawing in 6 Simple steps. To make the Drawing things you need are:

  • White paper
  • Led pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencil
  • Black pointer

Now we have all the things to draw our Doraemon. So, let’s start the drawing:


Step no.1 to draw Doraemon

To make Doraemon drawing first you have to draw a round circle. The size of the circle depends upon you. But if you want to draw a single Doraemon on the white paper then draw the circle of glass in the upper half of the white paper.

Step no.2 to draw Doraemon

Now you have to draw a small curved side rectangle box under the circle which we have in our step no.1 to draw the Doraemon. Keep the size of the rectangle smaller than the circle, it should be in a 1:2 ratio.

Step no.3 to draw Doraemon

Now draw simple rectangle boxes to make the hands and legs of the Doraemon while connecting them with the rectangle box which we made in step no.2 to draw Doraemon. After drawing the rectangle boxes draw small circles at the other end of the rectangle boxes.


Step no.4 to draw Doraemon

Now we are going to draw two more circles. The first circle will be made inside the large circle that we have made in step no.1 to draw Doraemon but this circle has to be a bit smaller than the large circle and also attach this circle with the rectangle box that we have made in step no.2 to draw Doraemon. Now draw another circle inside the rectangle box that we have in step no.2 to draw Doraemon and connect it with the first circle that we have made in this step.

Step no.5 to draw Doraemon

Now our Doraemon drawing is almost complete, now draw the eyes, nose, collar, and ring.

Step no.6 to draw Doraemon

Remove the extra lines using the eraser and highlight the drawing edges using the black pointer and last but not least add colors using color pencils.

Your Doraemon drawing is ready. Enjoy


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