EVO 2020 RETURNS TO LAS VEGAS EVO Championship Series 2020 


The EVO Championship Series 2020  is finally here! The dates and locations for Evo have been revealed. The Evolution Championship Series ( Evo ) is the biggest fighting game tournament in the whole world right now. Professional players from every fighting game, from all around the world come to las vegas every year to fight and earn the right to be called No. 1 in their respective games.

EVO 2020

There are other tournaments for fighting games like Evo japan, attended mostly by the players from Asian countries but the notable players from all over the world also attend the tournament to compete and become better at their games.  Evo is being held every year since 2002 before it was held as a Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha 2 tournament called Battle by the Bay.

There’s not been any instance where the tournament was canceled. As the whole world going through some difficult times with a pandemic and we all have been forced to stay at home for our safety. The questions about the biggest FGC tournament’s 2020 edition are rising. As this pandemic doesn’t seem to be ending at any time soon, there have speculations that this year’s EVO might be delayed or even worst, canceled. To address this issue, On March 19, it was announced by the official Twitter handle of Evo that the tournament is going to be held at Mandalay Bay from July 31 to August 2. “At this time, EVO is moving forward with it’s plans to hold the event July 31- August 2, 2020, at Mandalay Bay (Subject to it’s reopening) but we are actively monitoring updates from the WHO, CDC, local governments, and public health agencies regarding COVID-19 and continuing to address the situation.


The health of our attendees and staff will be the overriding factor in making a decision. Should Evo be postponed or canceled, all the ticket purchases will be refunded. -The Evo Team.”  Nevada’s governor Sisolak signed a directive related to public gatherings to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on March 12 for the first time. After that, it was extended again, Despite the growing numbers of protests in Nevada to end lockdown we can’t be certain about how long will this lockdown last.

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Despite being announced by the EVO team that they are willing to hold the tournament on the 31st of July and that they will see if WHO or CDC allows this or not, my guess is that EVO will not be held this year. Even if the organizers managed to convince the local governments to hold this tournament, there is still the problem of traveling for most of the players and fans from all over the world because many countries have closed their borders. In addition to that many airlines have stopped their businesses. So most of the players won’t be able to travel to compete in this tournament even if the event was to be held in Vegas.

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