Girl, 13, and two boys charged after autistic teenager stabbed to death

Three youngsters have been accused of homicide and intrigue to submit horrifying substantial mischief following a mentally unbalanced 13-year-old was wounded to death in Perusing.

Oliver Lucas Stephens, who was known as Olly, passed on at the area of the assault at Bugs Base fields, Emmer Green.

A 13-year-old young lady and two young men, 13 and 14, have been accused of homicide and trick to submit unfortunate real damage. The triplet, all from Perusing, have been remanded in authority to show up in court on Thursday.

Blossoms and accolades are left external Highdown school where Oliver Stephens was a student (Picture: Geoff Swaine/REX)

Olly’s companions leave accolades and read the messages left external Highdown School (Picture: Geoff Swaine/REX) Two different young men, both matured 13, have been delivered on bail with severe conditions until February 1.

Olly’s family portrayed the youth as ‘a puzzler’ who ‘could get his own particular manner with a wry grin and a brazen smile’.

They stated: ‘He generally held fast and battled for the longshot while having an astonishing profundity of affection, warmth and mind.


‘In his last minutes he probably been panicked. Battling to return home, he had everything to live for.

Legal officials at the homicide scene in Bugs Base field in Emmer Green, Perusing (Picture: Dad) ‘We presently have just recollections. An Olly-sized opening has been left in our souls.

‘ The family depicted the difficulty as ‘each parent’s most exceedingly terrible bad dream’. In any case, they need to feature the individuals who attempted to help Olly at the scene, including ‘a Decent Samaritan that attempted bravely to save Oliver’, an off the clock specialist who offered assistance, and the crisis administrations. Officials were called not long before 4pm on Sunday following reports of a wounding at the recreation center, which is famous with canine walkers, joggers and families.

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