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Learning and graduating from a renowned institution abroad, is one of the dreams that young aspirants want to turn into reality. Degrees from the reputed institutions add a whole weight to the resume which creates impact on the part of the reader. Being under faculty of teachers with fully advanced teaching methods makes aspirants learn everything practically and theoretically.

While taking admission abroad can cost a fortune, it is not easy for many students to turn their dream into reality. Although the universities provide scholarships to meritorious international students, it covers only a minor part. Apart from that there is the cost of accommodation, food, travel and such other things which create a lump of money to be spent when you study abroad.


Online study has made it possible for thousands of such students who want to learn from foreign institutions without stepping their feet out of home. Another reason is the global pandemic which is hindering the education sector in the worst way, considering Online Education is the best way to keep it on track. Thanks to the digital transformation across the globe, online education has become accessible almost everywhere, connecting different people, at different locations at same time. It also lowers the tuition fees while providing the same teaching content to the students attending campus-based education.


When you search for universities to study online, Universities in the US are the first priority. They are second to none. There are more than 100 universities in America that lie under the international rank by Times Higher Education. There are many universities in the US which provide online degrees to students which can help students to take their career at peak. It is beneficial for those who are already in their job but want to continue their studies.


Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Technology, Humanities, General Science, Finance, Health Management, International Relations are some of the most opted courses by international students in the US. There are a variety of educational programs including- Bachelors, Post Graduate, Diplomas, Doctor Degrees available online to the students. You need to select your major depending on your career aspirations.

Here are the best online colleges and universities in which you can search for the program that matches with your budget, learning pattern and most important it’s timing.

  1. Northeastern University
  2. Indiana University
  3. California State University- Los Angeles
  4. Florida University
  5. Texas Tech UNiversity
  6. University of Florida
  7. LeTourneau University
  8. Arizona State University
  9. Colorado State University
  10. Trine University
  11. University of West Florida
  12. Pennsylvania State University
  13. DePaul University
  14. New Mexico State University
  15. Maryville University of Saint Louis

It is important to verify accreditation of the college or university you are applying for. Because it sets the importance to your online degree. If you graduate from an accredited college, that means you have a degree from a recognized institution which meets the requirement of accreditation.

It is also important to analyse your budget, program you want to pursue and your schedule while applying for the distance learning program. It will help you in finding the college of your needs and demands. In the US, for applying to universities it is important for international students to show their proficiency in English language is good enough to participate and understand the lectures.

The cost of an online college degree varies as per the institutions. In it you are required to pay the tuition fees, which can be around your campus based fees. But it cut down the cost of accommodation, travel, food, health and so on. Thus it can be a good option to consider your online degree from universities in the USA.


The rise of online study has made it accessible for international students who want to study at German University through distance learning. It provides some of the best academics and professional level programs at your fingertips.

There are a range of programs for bachelors, masters are provided by the German institutions to the international students. It helps in giving your career growth while balancing your work and life. An online degree holds the same value as of your offline campus based, the only difference is that you did it virtually. Here are some of the top-ranked traditional German institutions which are providing online degrees to students:

  1. RWTH Aachen University
  2. University of Freiburg
  3. Goethe University Frankfurt
  4. Ulm University
  5. University of Oldenburg
  6. Leuphana University Lueneburg

In addition to traditional universities which provide selective online programs, there are some universities in Germany which are totally based on providing Online education or have most of the programs taught virtually. IU University of Applied Sciences is one such university that is a fully online integrated institution which means you can study almost all programs here online.

Though there are limited online courses provided by the traditional universities, yet this factor seems to change with the passing time, for online programs are more flexible in terms of schedule, learning and work. It helps the learners to learn from their own country at their own pace.

Education in Germany is free for all students. Public Universities don’t charge a penny from the students. But marginal costs are asked by the institutions that are providing specialized online programs to the students. Private Universities may ask for higher tuition fees and it varies program to program and institution to institution.

Master degree in Industrial Engineering, Management, Science or e-sport management, International Relations are some of the online courses provided by public and private universities in Germany. Many online programs are designed for international students, so it is mainly taught in English.

Make sure to search for programs that suit your career aspirations, your study interests and funding. Universities in Germany also provide scholarships to students to help them in their tuition fees. You can apply to the university through its international office or through it’s website. They also ask for proof of language proficiency. Thus online learning education has made it easy to gain knowledge from great faculties across the globe by sitting at home.

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