The film industry has a significant effect on our society for it depicts the condition of our societywhich is filled with flaws and flair. The different genres of the movies have their own lessons and imagination. Where the comedy movies make people uplift their mood and relax, the horror movies create a long term thinking in their mind, the thriller ones make them see things and situations in different angles. Romantic movies show the fact that love is important in life and
why it is worthy to have someone in your life whom you can trust and love. Crime and action movies show and warn the danger of criminal activities and how important it is to secure safety for our near and dear ones.

According to studies, it has been revealed that the film influences people’s beliefs, their opinion and in many ways it breaks the stereotypes which have been in existence since ages. There are vast majority of issues which need direction in a positive way and to deal with that, the theater plays an important role for which it deals with the human mind, kindles the seeds of imagination in their mind where the people think that the situation in the movie is similar to their current life
going on. Films are wide in nature and inspire hundreds of people at once to look up and feel the changes the society needs. Social film drama unites people on a common subject, kindling the sense of responsibility and sharing which gives a positive reaction as a result. It reflects the value of society.

Racial discrimination, gender discrimination, abuse,child labour, woman empowerment, rights of individuals, female atrocities, atrocities in the socities, caste, patriachy are some of the evils which has been shown as a evil side to the society in order to make people that humanity lies above everyone and everything. The favorite characters,, victory of good over bad, superheroes and their lessons inspire people and give them ideas to do everything better. Films have an impact much greater and wider than ever imagined. With the development of technology, the access to cinema and movies has been more convenient than ever.

The films act as a medium of mass communication which inspires the people, students, and women to rise and live the way of life they want.a good movie will entertain, inspire and educate the viewer in many ways. Movies such as Pursuit of Happiness have inspired people to work towards humanity and make the world a better place to live in. The importance of education of girls, hygiene and sanitation, people’s rights and many more of the social issues are depicted through the movies which helps them in eradicating them. Movies not only entertain us but also teach us history. It tries to connect the modern world with the past generations. The technological advancement has increased the scope and range of movies and the industry is growing encouraging viewers to take action

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