South Shields 26-year-old jailed for sexually assaulting underage girl

Thomas Sweeney, of Prince Edward Road, South Shields, was condemned to 19 months in jail for the rape of a young lady.

Mr Sweeney, 26, confessed to one check of rape and meeting a youngster following sexual preparing at Newcastle Crown Court on Monday, January 13.

He was allowed a 19-month jail sentence by the adjudicator on Monday, March 16.

Northumbria Police have now urged different casualties to approach and state officials are “submitted” to forestalling episodes, for example, this from occurring and guaranteeing wrongdoers are dealt with.

A representative for the power stated: “We are focused on doing all that we can to give further certainty to youngsters to report episodes like this and to keep them from turning out to be casualties in any case.

“We have a devoted protecting division with expert officials who offer help to casualties, however seek after guilty parties and ensure they are dealt with. In the event that you have been a casualty of misuse, you can report it by calling 101, or utilizing the Tell us Something Page on our site.”

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