What are best online colleges for MBBS in USA

The world needs more doctors”. When the Covid-19 pandemic was at the apex of widespread mayhem and the vaccines weren’t even in their first stage of development, it was our healthcare professionals acting as the only beacon of hope.

What the two years of pandemic made us realize was there’s only one way to deal with such unpreparedness, i.e., recruiting more doctors at both private and public hospitals. According to a census report, for every 1000 people in the States, the patient to doctor ratio is 2.6 which is relatively low when compared to countries like Sweden or Germany, where the ratio is above 4.0. Therefore, in order to deal with this grave disparity, there’s an urgent need for more and more doctors.

Studying MBBS is different in different countries. Here in the US one usually needs 10-14 years to complete the degree, only then is he qualified to practice as a fully licensed doctor. Although, if you do the whole process online, within 4 years you would be able to practice as an MD (Doctor of Medicine). There are actually so many great colleges for you to complete your MBBS degree from your home. However, there may be instances where you will have to physically visit the campus, but that depends on which institute you have enrolled in. Down below is a list of the top 6 online MBBS colleges you can enroll into.

1. University of Missouri – The University of Missouri is located in Columbia, MO 65211. To enroll in this online program, you are going to need a GPS of 2.5 or better. Subjects such as Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences (BHS), and Health and Wellness Sciences are taught in the medical curriculum. The tuition fee for full-time students who enroll in the online MBBS program is $24,812 per year. The course can be accessed both online and offline.


2. University of Pittsburg – 4200 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 is the address where the University of Pittsburg is situated. The University requires a score of 2.5 GPS or better for you to be even eligible for the course. The curriculum of the University of Pittsburg has subjects like Natural Sciences and Surgical Technology. Taking Natural Sciences is going to add great impetus to your medical experience. Students have to pay a fee of $34,124 a year to enlist themselves in the MBBS program of this University. Even though most of the subjects can be accessed online, certain subjects have practical assignments and for them, you need to be physically present.


3. Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ 85281 is the location of this university. A GPS score of 3.0 or better will help you swiftly get enrolled in the online MBBS program of Arizona State University. The online MBBS curriculum involves numerous branches of medicine. From Bachelor of Applied Sciences to Bachelor of Science in the Health Community to Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and to Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing, everything is taught here. By paying a $12,940 fee you, you can get yourself enrolled in their medical course. You can take the whole course online from sitting at home. However, you can visit the campus physically if you are keen to participate in co-curricular activities

4. University of Massachusetts – The University of Massachusetts is situated in Amherst, MA 01003. Here you can only be enrolled if you have a score of 3.0 GPS or better. Otherwise, you’ve to look for the same online program elsewhere. Clinical Translational Health Pathway, Global Health Pathway, and Rural Healthy Scholars Pathway, you can opt for any of these special pathway programs, and improve your knowledge and experience in them. $22,501 is the amount you need to pay per year, to enlist yourself as an MBBS student. Both online and offline method of accessing the program is available.


5. University of Wisconsin – The location of the University of Wisconsin is Madison, WI. They have very strict criteria of 2.0 GPS or better. You have that, you are shortlisted. The curriculum includes various subjects, from Health Information Technology to Health Information Management in Medicine. You can choose any of them as your special subject. The course fee of the University of Wisconsin online program is $17,708 per year. Some subjects need your physical attendance as they are practical assessments.


6. Northern Arizona University – The address of Northern Arizona University is S San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ 86011. 2.5 is the GPS score you need to get enrolled in their online MBBS program. The subject list ranges from Allied Health to Diagnostic Medical Services to Medical Assisting to Paramedic Care to Public Health and to Surgical Technology. The MBBS program here is one of the best online programs ever. Pay $12,915 the first year and you can easily enroll yourself into their course. You can take the course both online and offline. However, subjects such as Public Health and Paramedic Care include practical assignments and for them, you have to come.

Why one should go for an Online MBBS Program?

There are numerous reasons one can opt to graduate as a doctor enrolling him/her self in an online MBBS Program. Down below are some upsides to it.

  •  The Medical Curriculum of the United States meets every industry standard guaranteeing top-notch education.
  • Students studying medicine in Central American countries can gain clinical experience in the United States and may be able to complete a medical residency or postgraduate education in the United States.
  •  International Medical Aspirants interested in pursuing MBBS abroad have a number of options in American countries such as Barbados, Guyana, and Canada.


So here was a comprehensive list of 6 online MBBS colleges in the US that are best when it comes to accessing quality education and practical knowledge from home. Please make sure you go through every detail as keenly as possible. You can definitely contact their desks for more information about admission and other ancillary processes.

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