Woman arrested for training squirrels to attack her ex-boyfriend


45-year old Janice Smith was captured earlier today by officials of the Detroit Police Division for purportedly catching various squirrels and preparing them to assault her previous sweetheart.

The person in question, 51-year-old James Robinson, was probably assaulted by the rodents on in excess of twelve events in the course of the most recent month.

These assaults caused him numerous genuine wounds, including the deficiency of two fingers and one gonad, gnawed off by his assailants.

The helpless man had no clue about why squirrels continued assaulting him until he saw his ex, a previous carnival creature coach, cheering the creatures during one of the assaults.


“She was somewhat taken cover behind certain hedges, yet I could obviously see her and hear her. She was shouting orders at the squirrels and advising them to assault me.”


Understanding that his life could be at serious risk, Mr. Robinson recorded a grievance with the police who later visited Ms. Smith.

In her home, they found twelve pens, holding a sum of 27 squirrels. They additionally discovered two preparing fakers with pictures of Mr. Robinson taped over their countenances.

Detroit Police Boss James Craig affirmed that Janice Smith had conceded that she was answerable for the assaults and admitted her odd plot.

“Ms. Smith admitted to catching and preparing squirrels to annoy and assault her ex. She used to prepare lions for a bazaar, so it was simple for her to cause the creatures to do as she needed. She said she wanted to raise a multitude of up to 50 or 100 creatures.”

The 45-year elderly person is presently confronting an assortment of criminal allegations connected to criminal badgering and utilizing creatures as weapons.


DPD Boss James Craig conceded earlier today in a question and answer session, that this case was presumably the most bizarre that he’d found in his vocation.

Janice Smith’s legal counselors have requested for her to go through a mental assessment, asserting that she was ill suited to stand preliminary.

They state that her decision of preparing squirrels rather than canines or bears proposes that she may be experiencing mental issues.

In the event that she is made a decision about fit to stand preliminary, Ms. Smith will confront a limit of 65 years in jail.



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